Tenant Information

What does the Letting Agent do?

The agent acts for the landlord. Therefore their powers are limited in helping you. However the accepted guidelines in the letting industry mean that you should be able to rely on a professional letting agent taking any of your concerns seriously during the tenancy, advising the landlord if they are being unreasonable. A professional should not undertake to let property that is unsafe (doesn't conform to safety regulations) or over priced and would also support the tenants viewpoint if they believe them to be valid.

How Much Rent Can I Expect to Pay for a Property?

Prices will of course vary depending on type and size of accommodation, also location and condition have a bearing on the expected levels of rent which are set.

Which Reference Will I Be Required to Provide?

The credit approval process is very painless and is carried out by an independent agency who specialise in this area. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and we regret we cannot accept any tenants with a criminal record for fraud or dishonesty. An administration fee is charged for the credit checking process.

How Long Does It All Take?

From the moment you find a suitable property, it usually takes between 7- 14 days to obtain all references and prepare documentation. In special cases, this can be accelerated.

Dilapidations Deposits

A dilapidations deposit equivalent to 6 weeks rent is held and secured in the Deposit Protection Service until the end of the tenancy. Upon vacating, we re-inspect the property, then return your deposit as soon as possible.(assuming there is no dispute).

Checking-in to Property

We endeavour to check-in all our tenants to the property, personally. This personal hand-over allows us to deal with any questions you might have and deal with them immediately.


We are required to inspect the property periodically during the tenancy. A member of the lettings staff, who is familiar with the property, will carry out this inspection, and a written report is then sent to the landlord.

Rent Payments

We collect rent on a calendar monthly basis.

Repairs - Who Pays?

All repairs are organised by our office, and landlords are consulted. We undertake to ensure all repairs are genuine, and carried out by competent professionals. Full details are provided on our information packs.

Will I have any contact with the Landlord or will the Agent handle all matters?

The letting agent will deal with the property viewings, references, agreements and getting you moved in. From that point on contact depends on whether the landlord instructs the agent to manage their property. If the property is managed you will normally report any repairs or queries to the agent – otherwise you will deal directly with the landlord.

Will my privacy be respected?

Yes. Your privacy is respected. If you rent through an agent it is not usual that either the landlord or letting agent will try to gain access to the property outside pre agreed times. For example, the agent will want to inspect the property at least twice during the tenancy. They should give you reasonable notice of this. This area is normally covered in the tenancy agreement signed by you and the Landlord.